Under the Volcano offers annual retreats and master classes in Mexico for writers and composers with projects in development. Our small, selective workshops convene in an enchanting setting, with workshops led by some of today’s most inventive artists.

Founder and director Magda Bogin also hosts ongoing cyber pods for writers with work in progress.

The core of Under the Volcano’s approach is our commitment to promoting original, risk-taking work. Talent, but also truthfulness, generosity of spirit and an awareness of the infinite range of approaches to contemporary art are the traits we look for in both our faculty and those who attend our workshops. Our focus is not on the market but on the power of words and on supporting the creative process, wherever it leads.

“One of the most stimulating aspects was the diverse and talented mix of participants; as a group we made up a whole range of ages, backgrounds, outlooks, so there was never a lack of lively conversation or interesting viewpoints.”

“I came away with a great many new insights not only on the craft of writing, but also on techniques for teaching my own classes, which was an unexpected plus.”