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Fiction, poetry, opera, translation and the occasional piece of journalism—MAGDA BOGIN embraces words with an appetite for whimsy, history, politics and the sheer music of language.
“Prolific but slow,” is how she describes her writing. “What people see is just thetip of the iceberg.”
“Charming but alarming,” renowned novelist Maureen Howard says of Bogin’s latest novel, Complicity, a novel told by an 89-year old retired governess but whose main character, Bogin says, is memory.

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Magda has a unique gift for coaching and guiding writing; she is at one with the joyous and painful episodes of the human condition, and delights in the intrinsic value of each writer’s experience.


Gobi Stromberg, anthropologist and curator, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Magda Bogin inhabits the world like a chameleon. She is a gifted writer, moving between fiction, poetry and literary translation with wit, humor and unassuming erudition. Generous and global in outlook, she is also an inspired teacher who nurtures the talents of others by bringing people together to create, innovate and perform.


Electa Arenal, scholar, New York City